Saturday, February 18, 2012

Second Hand Saturday

Today we decided to look for outfits that we liked on our pinterest pages. We both picked out a picture we liked and hit the stores. Here are the pictures we chose for ourselves......          

Donella: So this is what we ventured out for, not an easy task. I loved the pleated skirt above and denim or maybe just blue men's button up shirt. Any who, I didn't really have any interest in the heels since I am tall enough and have no desire to be 6 inches taller than my man. :P So a cute pair of ballet flats or perhaps a more modest pair of heels as far as height is concerned would be cute.

Sara: I've been trying to find this certain jacket since last Monday, since I saw my sister-in-law wear something similar. Its been really frustrating because everywhere I look they're not selling winter coats anymore. Sigh! On the other hand I wanted a really cool polka dot blouse with maybe a sweater over it. I didn't care if it was polka dot or not. I'm not a heel person but I could have paired it with boots maybe.

Donella: Off we went to the first second hand store. I found a cute polka dot skirt that I was a little iffy on whether I would wear it or not. So I carried it around the store, looking to see if I could possible find a cute button up top to pair it with. But alas, I did not, and could not justify spending $8.99 on a skirt that was in decent shape, not that the skirt was expensive, it really wasn't.

Sara: I used to love the "Red, White and Blue" thrift store. My mom always took us there as kids so it holds lots of memories for me. I wanted to try and find some pants while I was there but there are rows and rows of just blue jeans and they aren't in any order so you have to look at every single pair of pants to find the right size. That got old quick. I did find a really cute navy blue pleated skirt with buttons up one side. I think it was $5.99. To make a long story short, the line to check out was way to long to buy just one item each and not moving fast enough for my taste, so we left without purchasing anything.

Donella: I don't really think it was that big of a deal, I don't feel like I missed out now, you know not purchasing the skirt. So off to the next store, after getting out of the parking lot that is a serious pain in the but to drive in out of. (Sara was driving, but I would hate that parking lot if it were me). So yes off to the second store, while looking around we got to hear some lady talking on her cell, about whoever was on the other end of the line "May have drank to much". While looking down the aisle with lady that was having a very loud conversation on her cell phone, I came across an adorable mustard yellow sweater, (I'm just a little obsessed with the mustard yellow color). It was $6.99 and was totally worth trying on (I hate trying clothes on).

Sara: Ok, so the lady on the cell was a little weird and talked way to loud, but don't forget the horrid smell hanging around the skirt section. One word, Rancid!  I had to come back to the skirts a while later. Right as we entered the store though, I spotted the jacket rack. I didn't have very high hopes that I would find what I was looking for, but you never know till you try. There it was, all alone. It said to me "Take me home," a close replica of the jacket I was looking for, it was made by Matix and cost $12.99, how could I not buy it for such a deal? All though it didn't have the flannel lining that I wanted and it wasn't forest green, it was still cute. Maybe I can figure out how to give it a flannel lining. 

Donella: Yes that rancid smell that YOU (Sara) accused me of crop dusting you! Yes there was that incident, and let's not forget when you made a comment about a certain jacket (That looked like something a "Lady of the Street" might wear, if you know what I mean....) After I yelled at you, (while quietly laughing to myself ) about how someone might hear you, and that random little old lady giggling at us as she walked off. So Sara found her jacket. Which is awesome because a few weeks ago I found an awesome coat for $12.99 at a Salvation Army, it was AMAZING, plus it was a BB Dakota jacket. Not the infamous Bella Jacket, you know that chick from Twilight? Yeah she wears it in the first movie, you "twihards" Know what I am talking about.
So Back to the more decent smelling skirt section, I found an adorable pink skirt with colorful spring like flowers on it, the skirt was on $3.99 it would be super cute with a simple white T-shirt, belt and ballet flats or sandals. Maybe even a cardigan for the colder days. I also found some cute brand new fringe sandals for $2.99 that would absolutely be warn this coming summer, and fill my current boho obsession.

Sara: I apologize for my inappropriate comment. On the other hand, I also found a really cute grey sweater for $3.99 that's a little on the baggy side, but would go great with some skinny jeans and some flats. I also picked up a green plaid Old Navy skirt that makes my legs look great that was $3.99. I could pair it with a nice natural colored blouse this summer with some sandals and we'd have a winner. I couldn't help but go to Payless shoes and pick up a knock of pair of converse that are all black and suede. Awesome!

Donella: So all in all I would say our shopping day was pretty darn successful. I ended up spending $13.97 on today's shopping expedition. Including my awesome BB Dakota jacket I found a couple of weeks ago the total cost of everything was $26.96. Not too bad, considering most jeans cost more than that.
Afterwards Sara and I took some nifty pics of us in our awesome new jackets for y'all down at my old High Schools football field that isn't too far away. It was cold, so cold..... You better enjoy the pics. :P

Sara: I only spent $23.72. Which is great! I wasn't too cold down at the football field, but there were some lacrosse boys down there making me a little self conscious, so we didn't stay long. It was a good day and I hope you enjoy the photos.

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