Sunday, February 26, 2012

Happy birthday!!!

Happy birthday to my co writer and best friend Donella. I thought I would give you this awesome cake but since I can't make a cake that looks like the one above I also thought I would give you a picture of a cake that I could actually make, if we were able to eat it that is.
Since you can't go to Disney land this year for your big day, due to unforeseen events, I thought I would remind you all about last time we wen't to Disney land together. I Figured if you relived the memories, it would almost be like you were there... Sorta... Maybe... Ok not really, but here we go.
Our first day at Disney land. We were so excited, you can just see it in our faces. The very first ride we went on was space mountain and the look on our faces was priceless when we saw the picture after words. It looked something like this,
We really should have bought that photo, it was priceless.
We did lots of great things that day and then when we went back to the hotel your mom bought us pizza,
I found the nutritional facts for that stuffed crust cheese pizza that we managed to eat the entire thing, I'm surprised we survived.  
The next day we went on the Indiana Jones ride that was almost completely deserted even though we had fast pass tickets too, ironic I know. The guys that were working the ride were kinda cute and made some stupid comments about our animal backpacks. We went on the ride and screamed at everything just for the sake of screaming because there wasn't anyone around. We saw those guys later and they remembered us. Highlight of my day. 
We also bought these awesome head bands,
They looked great on your dad by the way.

So don't feel down that you're another year older and don't get to enter the magical kingdom. Its not the end of the world. Heck, I haven't been to Disney land since we were 16 and you don't see me complaining. I will though leave you with these words of wisdom to carry you through this new year.
Happy birthday!!!!

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