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A pinterest scarf adventure

What you will need:
1 1/2 yards of fabric (Sara bought 1 3/4 yards since her fabric didn't have much stretch).
Thread (we both used black since we both chose a fabric that wouldn't show much color anyway).
A yard stick
Sewing needles
Sewing machine

Total cost:
Donella's fabric: Originally $15.00 a yard on sale for $10.00
Sara's Fabric: Originally $13.00 a yard on sale for $8.00
Thread: All purpose thread $2.79
Needles: $1.99 for a package
Sewing machine: Hopefully you know someone who has one because that's a whole lotta' $$.

Level of difficulty (From a scale of 1-10): 3-5 depending on the fabric you choose

Donella: So I found this scarf that I absolutely loved and was completely "doable" with just a couple of hours   in a day. I asked Sara if she would  be down to make one as well with me. So the following is our adventure in making each our own scarf.

We headed to the fabric store, (of course) and each found fabric. I found a jersey fabric that looks like denim, but was stretchy. This is the type of fabric  the original instructions called for.


Sara: My fabric was not so stretchy and come to find out, way easier to work with. It was a blue and black checkered knit.

Make sure you have everything you need, this is what we used

Fabric, Thread, Needles, Yard stick, Scissors, and Sewing Machine (Not pictured.)

Step two: Cutting

Donella: Headed home and start following directions. Since I chose a jersey knit (as the instructions call for) I found (actually we found) that it was a little harder to cute since it moves and curls and all that jazz. So most of the time either one of us was holding my fabric straight, so it could either be marked straight (to make an even cut). Or cut along the marks as straight as possible.

So First we cut the largest part of the scarf. Which is the length of the scarf (54 inches) by 28 inches. The original directions call for you to cut two14 inch pieces, but we both just measured 28 inches. Folded that fabric in half and then cut down the folded part, And voila you have two, 14 by 54 inch pieces of fabric.

 we cut my fabric first and since Sara's fabric had lines we just measured my fabric next to hers and cut along the lines of the plaid.
 our 28 by 54 inch fabric (before we cut in half)

Since cutting was such a pain we proceeded to cut the other two pieces of fabric as well. (The original post said to sew those two pieces together right away. But if you are able to keep track of what piece belongs where you'll be fine).

So to continue cutting, first we measured 12 inches (by 54 inches) on the remaining piece of the fabric. Then cut that piece into 3 even pieces (4 inches each by 54 inches, think long strips) leaving 2 inches of the fabric uncut at the end.

(Donella: Because my fabric was a little more difficult to work with I measured 12 inches and marked it in dashes along the length of the fabric so that the lines would be more even and easier to cut). (Pictured above)

Cutting the third piece of fabric we measured 9 inches (by 54 inches) on the remaining piece of fabric, and then proceeded to cut that into 3 even pieces (3 inches by 54 inches) leaving 2 inches uncut at the end.

Showing off our long "strippy" cut fabric.

Step Three:

Sewing: First we sewed the two 14 inch pieces of fabric together on three sides.  Make sure you sew the fabric together so that the side you want showing when the scarf is all done is on the inside. So after you turn the 14 inch pieces right side out it will be exposed without showing any stitching.

Step Four:

Braiding: Take the 12 inch piece and 9 inch piece that was cut in strips (Leaving about 2 inches at the end uncut) And braid each piece. Then stitch the end of the braid together so that the braid will not come undone.

Step five:

Assembly, place all three pieces together, take the last scrap of fabric that was left over from the original piece of fabric, wrap it tightly around the two ends that are put together and hand stitch.

Step Six: Put it on and rock it like a chic geek in some awesome pictures. :)


What you will need:
1 1/2 yards of fabric
Yard Stick
Sewing Machine

1) Cut 28 inches of fabric

2) Cut the 28 inch piece of fabric that was cut above in half so you have two 14 inch pieces of fabric.

3) Cut 12 inch piece of fabric

4) Cut the 12 inch piece of fabric into 3 even long strips leaving about 2 inches at the end uncut.

5) Cut 9 inch piece of fabric

6) Cut the 9 inch piece of fabric into 3 even pieces leaving about 2 inches at the end uncut.

7) Sew the two pieces of 14 inch fabric together on 3 sides. Make sure you sew the side of the fabric facing together on the inside so that when it is turned right side out the fabric is showing.

8) Braid the 12 and 9 inch pieces of fabric into two braids.

9) Sew both braids at the ends so that they won't come undone

10) Put all 3 pieces together and so that it's like an infinity scarf

11) Cut a piece to the remaining scrap fabric and wrap it tightly around the two ends and hand stitch.

Final Review:

Would you do this Project again?: Yes

Is there anything you would change?: Yes, next time I plan on buying two yards of fabric, and cutting the braids so that they are longer than the 14 inch piece (the main part of the scarf) since the braids are shorter due to them being braided. Next time I am going to cut the 14 inch pieces at 1 3/4's yards and the braids at 2 yards.

Any other comments: This can be done with any fabric not just t-shirt/jersey knit fabric. You aren't limited to what the original instructions advise. Have fun and just keep in mind depending on the fabric you may need more than a yard and a half. Next time I may try some funky vintage plaid, or maybe some simple stripes. who knows.........

If you would like to check out the blog where we got the idea from click here.

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