Tuesday, February 7, 2012

About Donella

The Basics:
Color: Yellow, but I can't commit to a color for long so it may change soon. 
Animal: Sloths, Otters, My dogs, and my cats.
family: Don (Dad), Lendella (Mom), Daava and Tiffany (Sisters), Derek (My man), Glenn and Jake (Bro-in-laws), Dakota, Georgia, and Ileana (Nieces), Justice and Memphis (Nephews). 
Job: In home caregiver, soon to change (Hopefully just have to get my butt in gear).
Movies: Cinderella and Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (Favs since I was a munchkin).
Books: Harry Potter series and any book that really grabs my attention. Bible of course lots of wisdom in that book right there.
TV: The New Girl and Mad Men.
Music: I love music, but my fav. bands are Needtobreathe, Remedy Drive, Family Force Five and man oh man so many more. You can see more of my favorite bands here 

The Personals:
Height: 5'10
Weight: 150
Hair: Naturally curly, thick, and a brownish red. Currently rocking virgin hair (aka no dye).
Goals: New Job, become a home owner, adopt some kiddos as well as have one or two the way most people do, but I really feel like God has called to adopt since I was pretty young. Work within my community and city to make it a better and even more inspiring place. Stay positive, live a life that makes God proud of me.
Hobbies: Concerts, walks, travel, drawing, reading, animals!
Personal style: I prefer my winter wardrobe to my summer, I love to layer, I have a lot of loose fitting tank tops, skinny jeans, sweater/cardigans, and boots in my wardrobe. But when I am feeling laid back, t-shirt, jeans, a zip up hoodie and converse are always comfy. As far as makeup try to go natural on the base, but rock the cat eye with the eyeliner, I'm self conscious without it.
Special dietary needs: I found that if I eat gluten, I'm not regular, aka I don't poop. And no it's not all in my head. Ever gone 3 weeks without pooping, it isn't normal. So I'm Gluten Free now.

The Randoms:
Boxers or Briefs: Boxers please.
Favorite thing in your closet: That flower tank in the pic above is one of my most favorites it goes with so much! And it can be dressed up or dressed down. And it was only $4.00 at Ross!
Item you want most in your closet: Minnetonka boots and anything here or here
What's the strangest talent you have: I can shake my eyes back and forth really fast like freaky fast. it hurts to do it  but fun to scare people. It has become harder since my eye surgery though.
What was your childhood nickname: Neller, and I still prefer is close family and friends call me that. Not that I don't love my name. Because I do!
Do you have any strange phobias: Gross toenails or feet.
Mac or PC: I'm an Apple girl


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